Old Boise Gin is ready to raise your summer spirits

Old Boise Gin is ready to raise your summer spirits


Boise Gin

It’s tough to beat a cold, effervescent gin and tonic during a summer cocktail hour.

And when it’s locally made? Even better.

Old Boise Gin is the newest Treasure Valley spirit. It should start appearing in area liquor stores sometime next week. Distilled by Andrew Koenig, of Koenig Distillery in Caldwell, it retails for $24.95 per 750 milliliter bottle — a few bucks cheaper than Idaho competitor Bardenay, which sells for $27.95 (although Bardenay’s gin is on sale for $24.95 in June).

Clean and balanced, Old Boise Gin is easy to drink, with less alcohol heat than you might expect from 84 proof. It offers a list of botanicals and spices on its label — including Idaho-sourced potato and lavender. Other ingredients are juniper, angelica root, licorice root, orris root, coriander, grains of paradise, citrus peel and cardamom. With subtle floral notes, this gin does not taste or smell unusual in any way. Nor is it overly juniper forward. The biggest strength of Old Boise Gin is that it is dependably uneventful and solid.

Old Boise Gin’s makers suggest creating a “green and clean” twist on the classic GT cocktail. Calling it The Greenbelt, this drink is made like a standard lime-wedged gin and tonic, but with the addition of a few slices of cucumber and a mint garnish.

Order one from your favorite watering hole in the Sixth and Main streets area — where it seems likely that Old Boise Gin will find a permanent spot behind the bar.